Structured Training Plans for Serious Cyclists

Easy and Proven Ways to Become a Faster Cyclist

Packed with science-based strategies and results-proven practice, my Training Plans will teach you the fundamentals of endurance performance that will deliver remarkable results.

My Plans are available on TrainingPeaks for Road, Gravel, and MTB riders. Start with one of the foundational plans below to build a stronger base fitness: 

RV Gravel Advanced Base Plan, 10 Hours (12 Weeks) – All Gravel Races

RV Road Racing Advanced Build Plan, 10 Hours (12 Weeks)

RV Gran Fondo Advanced Build Plan, 10 Hours (12 Weeks)

RV Increase Your FTP, 6 Hours (8 Weeks)

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I’m an Elite-Level Bike Racer and Cycling Coach. I write about simple and proven ways to improve as an experienced cyclist. Driven by curiosity I explore current research, great ideas, and inspiring stories that help us make better decisions about training, motivation, and gear.

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