about me

I am an elite bike racer, blogger, and cycling coach. I raced the likes of Mark Cavendish and other pros, enabling me to combine theory from coaching with practice as an athlete. My curiosity guides me to current research, great ideas, and inspiring stories that help us become better and faster cyclists. In 2024, I will return to the national road series, national championships, and UCI Racing.

hi, I'm roberto

I began writing online about training, nutrition, motivation, and gear in cycling in 2022. Since that time, my work has been read by thousands already.

I am a high-performance athlete who participated in pro races against names like Mark Cavendish. Cycling always fed my obsession for self-improvement and my desire to move. Cycling is my way of expressing myself. In contrast, I started running as a balance, which soon inspired me as my hobby.

I always was and am a competitive person. Overall goals and competitions partake of something magical: They empower us to take action.

With my interest in endurance sports came the curiosity to understand the “why” in training. Consequently, I attended the german olympic coaching development program.

what makes my work different?

Iʼm not your typical coach. Much of what I write about or do is contrary to conventional endurance coaching:
My broad coaching philosophy helps me to adapt quickly, do my best, and remain open.