Being Roberto Vukovic – Training, Crazy Drop in Power, Season Planning

About Myself Roberto Vukovic

Weird times. The season started, training stopped, shortness of breath. That’s what my last days looked like. Eventful times that lay behind – but especially in front of me. Anyway, at first, I think I should introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Roberto 28 years old born and currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany. That’s where I’m training also and… anyone still reading? Lucky you because it shouldn’t stay that boring with me and my blog posts. Since I guess we will get to know each other better week after week anyway. I will tell about my doing as a cyclist and endurance athlete weekly.

So, let’s go!

Start of the week: Leaving the Cycling Routine…

I mean at least for now. Because I wrote about self-reflection and its importance for us as athletes and our personal lives, I have to admit that… I wasn’t honest with me. I need to acknowledge to myself that my tremendous drop in power is a serious problem.

At first, it was like just a bad day, recover, recharge, and then go again. However, somehow it didn’t go away and more so it got worse. What I’m talking about is a feeling of missing oxygen. It feels like the oxygen doesn’t reach its destination in the body: The working muscles.

Now, this lack of performance leaves me dropping out of the leading group, canceling important workouts, and the worst: Losing fun and joy in cycling.

And that’s my rocket fuel, that’s why I ride my bike because it gives me wings and goosebumps. Cycling and endurance sports are what really drive me and give me a sense of freedom. Besides, I always want to give my best and perform my best. And that, at this particular moment, isn’t possible for me.

So, last week I did a first blood test, and sadly (and fortunately) everything is all right. Thus, tomorrow I’ll have some additional tests for blood markers, which will hopefully add clarity.

The thing is that in life there are lots of highs and lows, but it’s the lows where we get the opportunity to grow. It’s the negative that gives us the positive. I hope that my low gives you some inspiration and strength to move on with your life, despite where you are right now.

Weeks fly past like birds on their way to warmer paths

It still feels like being the new one in class with the blog and not knowing what I’m doing, but I hope I’ll accustom myself quickly.

To arrange myself and my blogposts right, I think it’s useful to explain my philosophy and values to you: It’s my ambition to supply you with food for thoughts and topics to discuss with my blog. I like the word “offer of talks” to represent my work. Because I always expect different opinions on a certain topic. And that’s good.

Because it’s exciting and instructive for me to meet those different opinions, on a respectful base to achieve apprehension for each other. If we can accomplish that, an entertaining and educational time lies in front of us. That’s what I want.

“But, I don’t want to blog about opinion only. I wanna blog about personalities that keep the sport thriving. About science and entertaining. About what’s driving you!”

Feedback welcome!

Remember: As soon as you have suggestions wishes, commentary, or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll refer to it. I can’t wait for it!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my life right now. You might think this dude lost the plot. Well, maybe. Hopefully, I could improve your mood and give you one thought or another.

Period. Enough said. Who kept up till here: Respect. And thank you! See you soon!

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